More Girl Talk

I’ve been working on my “Girl Talk” series and I’ve come across a few problems:
I’m finding it hard to get the images to stick to the glitter surface.
In some of the images the gloss spray seeps through, leaving weird watermarks.
I also need to find a proper way of documenting them without glare.

Here are some of the finished ones. They’re just prototypes. I’ll iron out the kinks and update soon.

Leg Show

I’ve been increasingly fascinated with cutting apart the women in pornography. Not needlessly, only when it is called for. There is this certain shape that emerges when the subject is bent over (“Leg Show” seems to have the most of these). They represent a weird sexual tension and reinforce the idea of lusting over a woman’s body, while forgetting the person within.

These strange sex creatures are slightly reminiscent of bags of popcorn with sexy legs and are begging to be used.

I’m not quite sure what to do with these yet… must resist urge to adorn with googly eyes…

Ahh, who am I kidding?