Girl Talk Zine 1 is Here!

Ten freshly copied B&W versions of my first zine! 5 will be sent to Quimby’s in Chicago, and the other 5 will be sent to Atomic Books in Baltimore. I will have full color copies for $6, and B&W copies for $3 available on my Etsy store. However, if you’re dying to get one and you personally know me, send me an e-mail –we’ll work something out!

Now, I celebrate with wine and friends! Stay posted for my store info by the end of the week.

More Girl Talk

I’ve been working on my “Girl Talk” series and I’ve come across a few problems:
I’m finding it hard to get the images to stick to the glitter surface.
In some of the images the gloss spray seeps through, leaving weird watermarks.
I also need to find a proper way of documenting them without glare.

Here are some of the finished ones. They’re just prototypes. I’ll iron out the kinks and update soon.