Research and Writing and Googly Eyed Vaginas, Oh My!


I’ve been working as hard as ever! It’s not that I don’t have to time to post, I just need to make sure to make it a habit and stick to a schedule.

As you may have assumed I have given up hope of opening an Etsy shop. It just isn’t worth the struggle and I’d rather put full focus onto my current projects and school. I’ve been working hard on two pieces of writings for The Great Refusal: Taking on New Queer Aesthetics catalog. One piece is about female sexuality as seen through the works of Dana West, Mayumi Lake, and Barbara DeGenevive, while the other explores the impact the color pink has in the gallery space. I’m currently in the final revisions and will share them as soon as I finish. My classmate Kiam and I have been put in charge of curating and exhibiting in my Queer Spaces class final show. We are currently working on getting a cohesive description and show title and plan to start didpersing promotional materials starting next. The opening Reception will be on December 14th at Roxaboxen Gallery in Pilsen. More info to follow.

As for my personal work, I decided to revisit my Googly Eyed Vaginas. In 2010 I photographed a few, but quickly discarded them. After considering the fact that I wasn’t quite sure why I took them but still intrigued by them, I realized this emphasized the fact that they needed to be investigated further..

Initially created as a reaction to the ridiculous things women do to “dress-up” their va-jay’s, my Googly Eyed Vaginas offer the viewer a chance to gaze into the void, while being subjected to it staring back at them.

Revisiting My Menstrual Paintings

So, I’ve been put in charge of a small group of artists from my community college. My task is to organize our work for an art fair happening in June. Unfortunately, my work is… unsuitable for the general public. I’ve been trying to think of work I could make that is acceptable to show, without giving up my personal style and message. I thought about making collages, like my porn ones, from women’s beauty and fashion magazines; however, I only have a few of them, so I don’t have much material to work with. If feels like making a sandwich when you only have bread. I figured I had some time to come up with something. Just then I got a message from the asst. dean asking for a power point of our work… by Friday. Fuck.

Two years ago I made these paintings:

I think the first set is abstract enough to be acceptable. So, I made this tonight:

I think I’ll describe them as “feminine still lifes”, if anyone asks.

Here’s to coming up with a better idea before the fair!