Forgetting a person, weird bruse on leg, and other nonsensical search terms people have used to find my site.

WordPress has this great feature that allows you to see the Google search terms that individuals used to find your site. I just thought I’d share a list of the terms that make no sense at all:

“new orleans” actress nude,
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bag of popcorn,
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bread and wine b&w,
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fact adjectives,
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forgetting a person,
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subjects to talk about with a girl,
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weird bruise on leg,
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women bags,
womenfull color/nude/blowjob/open now,
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SAVE THE DATE! Because this is really it:

I will launch my Etsy shop on October 1st!
Just in time for the holidays!

Along with art I will also be selling zines, postcards, lighters, magnets, buttons, etc., with prices to accommodate Any budget. I will also be selling my holiday exclusive “pornaments” so you can deck your halls in style and smut.

If you are a fan of my work please show your support by liking my facebook page!

Chicago Naked Bike Ride 2012

This event kind of crept up on us, so when it came time to go my 3 friends and I only had 2 working bikes. We decided to attend anyways and I’m so glad we did or else we wouldn’t have seen the thousands of beautiful, naked bodies riding through the city. We alternated turns on the bikes while the other two followed along on foot until the event became too quick to keep up with. Next year we will for sure have our shit together, and hopefully I can get more volunteers to don my crocheted nude suits!