Etsy Shop Banned!

My Etsy Shop has been banned!

I won’t say I’m surprised, but I didn’t think I was breaking any policies. When I launched I didn’t censor the cover images. Once I realized I had done it (first thing in the morning) I quickly changed the images, a good 8 hours before being banned. That, with the fact that I tagged the listings as “mature”, and included that in the title, lead me to believe that my listings were safe.

I’m currently in communication about getting reactivated, and in an effort not to “disrespect the confidentiality of the private conversation”, I will refrain from sharing my response (for now). I will, however, leave you with this interesting sentence I just so happen to create:

“The implication that they would be used for anything other than their intended use simply because they depict googly eyed vagina creatures and O-faces is ridiculous.”

Back in the Swing of Things

Last Friday I had my first ever SAIC critique – I really needed it! I have been out of the academic circle since December, and boy did it feel great to get back to it. It was the first time I had shown my porn work to fellow students. Overall things went well; they seemed to really like the direction I it’s going and seemed excited to see more. But what I got most out of showing my recent porn work in juxtaposition to my old body work, was the reassurance to continue with both endeavors and reinforced the idea that they don’t have to be separate from one another. I think I needed a break from my body at the time that I began to work with porn, but lately I have been “craving” making work about my body and my interpersonal relationships. Part of me has been avoiding it because I tend to stick to making work in series. I tell myself that I can’t make work about my body because I’m still new and trying out things with porn. After this critique I’ve embraced my desire to get personal and will now intergrade it seamlessly into my current practice.

However, being in school, working two jobs, and getting my shop established have left me with very little (practically no) time for new work. For now I’ve been spending my free time in between classes working in the photo lab. Here are some new layered porn images I’ve recently made. As soon as I get the time to shoot, expect more body work soon!

From the Scene Layer series2012

“Sonja & Niky”
From the Scene Layer series


I know it’s been a few months since my last post…

But please don’t be mad! Blame summer for getting in the way!

Although I haven’t been making posts, I have continued to make work – or rather, continued to prepare for making work. Knowing that I would be starting school soon and that I’d quickly become very busy, I decided to focus on organizing my workspace, gathering materials, and began collecting hundreds of cutouts from porn magazines. I have everything from isolated body parts (lips, penises, nipples, vulva, etc.) to random images I find appealing.

I’m still keen on the “leg creatures” but I have also been saving other random common imagery that I have yet to figure out what to do with. For example, I love the profiles of women performing oral. With the context removed, they look like they’re vomiting.

I am currently taking two queer theory classes, so this semester is sure to be beneficial to my work. Stay tuned for more.

My Body, of Work

Hello dear readers! I am terribly sorry, but my Etsy store opening has been postponed due to recent events:

I am very pleased to announce that I have been accepted to my first school choice, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago; from which I have been awarded a very generous merit scholarship.  With the addition of federal loan money, I will be attending a top private school for a bit less than a state university would cost me. Fuck yes! To honor the achievement, I have decided to share my award winning portfolio and artist statement. Enjoy!

28 Days Later
Oil on Canvas
2 Panels – 5”x7”

3 Menstrual Pads
Oil on Canvas

Bed Sheet Lifts
Oil on Canvas
3 Panels – 8”x10”

Bed Sheets
Oil on Canvas
3 Panels – 8”x10”

Crochet Vaginas
2”x1” Each

Googly Eyed Vaginas
Fiji Transfers
4 panels – 3.25” x 4.25”

Body Scan (With Bra)
Cyanotype on Fabric

Body Scans (Without Bra)
Cyanotype on Fabric
2 Panels – 18”x21”

Crochet Bikinis
S, M, L Sizes

Crochet bikini #2
Oil Pastel on Wood

Artist Statement:
My mother died just before I went into puberty. As a result, I was left to the media and my peers to try to figure out what a woman could be. Instead I learned what a woman was supposed to be. I found the disconnection between the two to be really quite funny. My work shows this conflict through the juxtaposition of fine, well-crafted, depictions of the female body vs. a satirical representation of it. Thus making my work poignant, yet not overly political.

Unmentionable objects, such as menstrual pads, transform into subjects that become oddly beautiful. From gently folded bed sheets emerges the image of a vulva. Googly eyes are placed onto vulvas to make them less frightening, or even cute. Crocheted bikinis represent clothing’s function to cover the form, but the addition of nipples and pubic hair show what is intended to be hidden. As women have gained equality, they no longer fulfill traditional roles in the home, so some previously valued domestic skills such as crocheting are becoming lost arts. My use of crochet laments what feminism has lost, while celebrating what it has gained.

I reinforce my ideas across multiple media and with the use of repetition. The importance of tactile quality is seen through various protruding folds and stretch marks, often printed on or including fabric materials. This portfolio is arranged to flow from menstruation to the vagina and further still to the whole female body. These pieces are extremely personal and generally small, as to draw the viewer in for a closer look, thus giving my work a quiet intimacy or even a voyeuristic quality.

Through this body of work, the grotesque becomes beautiful, what is generally admired becomes distorted, the taboo becomes ordinary, and reality deconstructs into a variety of possible interpretations. All of this leaves the viewer to imagine, if this representation of womanhood is true, what are women truly capable of achieving?

Girl Talk Zine 1 is Here!

Ten freshly copied B&W versions of my first zine! 5 will be sent to Quimby’s in Chicago, and the other 5 will be sent to Atomic Books in Baltimore. I will have full color copies for $6, and B&W copies for $3 available on my Etsy store. However, if you’re dying to get one and you personally know me, send me an e-mail –we’ll work something out!

Now, I celebrate with wine and friends! Stay posted for my store info by the end of the week.

The Exquisite Uterus: The Art of Resistance

One of my professors posted this to my facebook. It’s a call for proposals in reaction to our currect “War on Women”. 

“Interested artists and other motivated participants are asked to embellish a plain cloth uterus.” 

I already have collage and cut-and-paste poems in the works, I’m sure one more surrealist game wouldn’t hurt.

If you’re interested in participating, here’s the info. Finished pieces are due Aug 1st

The Birth of a Zine

I’m terribly sorry for taking an unannounced hiatus. I’ve been busy working on several projects. Let me update you…

I’ve been very interested in expressing my thoughts and feelings through words lately; something that I’ve NEVER been into. It may be the result of my recent break up, or the fact that my subject matter consists entirely of all things superficial, but I’ve been craving putting a larger significance on my personal thoughts and feelings as of late.

Honestly, this scares me, because I feel I create my work for a third party point of view. Neither personal nor foreign. Well at least my recent porn pieces.

After hearing a story on NPR about an uncreative writing class, in which students are forbidden from writing anything of their own, rather they must repurpose other author’s work. A sort of accepted plagiarism, if you will.

I figured this would be a great way to begin using words in my work:

Since I’m not actually writing a poem or story its not as personal, hence not as intimidating to share. Using the perimeters of only using porn articles and romance novels gives me a box to work in, thus forcing myself to have to be more creative. Make sense? Finally, it’s a great way of utilizing un-useable magazine. Before this I only focused on images, and threw out the rest. Now I get more useable material out of one magazine.

Here’s what great about them:
The articles are usually in one column form to take as little space as possible. Each line is usually only 5 – 6 words long making them partial sentences, which are more interesting to work with. I try not to cut them unless I really like it better without a word or two.

I really like making clean poems, or vaguely sexual subjects because of the fact that there are so many dirty adjectives. I like recontextualizing the dialogues to be non-sexual.

Here’s an example:

Slightly Krugeresque, no?

With these “porn poems” and the colleges of dismembered body parts, I have decided to start a zine. “Girl Talk” will be a collection of words and images created from pornography. I’m still ironing out a few kinks, but plan to have my first one done by May 1st.  I’m going to send a few copies to Quimby’s and also on my Etsy store I am working on getting up. But more on that later.