Etsy Shop Banned!

My Etsy Shop has been banned!

I won’t say I’m surprised, but I didn’t think I was breaking any policies. When I launched I didn’t censor the cover images. Once I realized I had done it (first thing in the morning) I quickly changed the images, a good 8 hours before being banned. That, with the fact that I tagged the listings as “mature”, and included that in the title, lead me to believe that my listings were safe.

I’m currently in communication about getting reactivated, and in an effort not to “disrespect the confidentiality of the private conversation”, I will refrain from sharing my response (for now). I will, however, leave you with this interesting sentence I just so happen to create:

“The implication that they would be used for anything other than their intended use simply because they depict googly eyed vagina creatures and O-faces is ridiculous.”

6 thoughts on “Etsy Shop Banned!

  1. I found your shop through the rather unkind thread on the Etsy forums, and was really disappointed that people couldn’t take 2 seconds to read your profile as I did. Maybe your art isn’t to their “taste”, but tearing someone else’s work down is just mean-spirited. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, and I hope Etsy does the right thing.

    • Thank you so very much, I really appreciate your sentiment. I won’t say that I’m surprised or even offended by the reaction I received; however, I am disappointed that a large majority of the population will never look past it’s subject and explore it’s content – which is a group that really should be looking at issues of sex and gender.

      While I realize Etsy may not be the best place to showcase my work, I don’t know how else to expose my work to the public. Creating my own site would be best, but I’ll still need to connect myself to a larger organization simply to get exposer.

      Thank you again for taking the time to look past the vaginas and read what I have to say.

    • Thanks, Yvette! I appreciate you keeping in contact with me through all these delays! Since I’m not quite sure how to create, generalize, and sell such a personalized item, I’d be willing to cut you a nice deal for having been so patient and helping me iron out any problems that may occur for future costumers. Send me an email and we can work on getting you a suit:

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