I know it’s been a few months since my last post…

But please don’t be mad! Blame summer for getting in the way!

Although I haven’t been making posts, I have continued to make work – or rather, continued to prepare for making work. Knowing that I would be starting school soon and that I’d quickly become very busy, I decided to focus on organizing my workspace, gathering materials, and began collecting hundreds of cutouts from porn magazines. I have everything from isolated body parts (lips, penises, nipples, vulva, etc.) to random images I find appealing.

I’m still keen on the “leg creatures” but I have also been saving other random common imagery that I have yet to figure out what to do with. For example, I love the profiles of women performing oral. With the context removed, they look like they’re vomiting.

I am currently taking two queer theory classes, so this semester is sure to be beneficial to my work. Stay tuned for more.

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