Crochet Nude Suits

About two years ago I decided to try and crochet something a bit harder than a scarf when an idea popped into my head:

Several nude suits, custom made for each individual. I created them in a “freeform style”, meaning that I didn’t use any patterns and I didn’t write anything down. I just crocheted! Needless to say, this drastically improved my crochet skills. I actually made about 9 of them in only 2 weeks.

My models and I began joking about all the places we could wear them, however, they stayed in their boxes for several months. In the beginning of 2011 I got an opportunity to show off what I had made – my friends and I were going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. I knew I had to break my suit out!

Here I am, Mardi Gras 2011:

I had so much fun running around the streets of the French Quarter half nude, and got a ton of beads without having to (actually) show anything.

The following year we decided to step things up a bit and I made new ones for all three of us…

Mardi Gras 2012:

Here they are in action:

The best part was seeing everyone’s reactions:

I wanted to take full advantage of my time on Bourbon Street, so while my friends rested inside a bar, I went out on my own to show off my handiwork:

I’m not sure how these will develop, where they will take me, or where I will wear them. One thing is for sure – they will be seen in public again.

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